First time for everything…

June 12, 2007

Greetings and welcome to the First Weber blog. Across the state we have assembled a team of individuals to communicate to Wisconsin property owners interesting information about living in Wisconsin and the Wisconsin real estate market. Our goal here is to be informative and have fun too.

They say blogging is all about starting conversations. With the number of offices and agents we have, we certainly have connections and our agents have connections upon connections. It will be interesting to see who we meet in our blogging adventure.

We welcome your comments, both positive and negative, and if negative comments are ever received we will not publish them. (just kidding, although profanity will certainly get comments censored.) But seriously, in the event negative comments are received, we hope to use the opportunity to solve a problem. We want people to spread good news about First Weber and we want to spread good news about Wisconsin as we as a company spread across this great state!

Here we go… please come with us.

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