Ambassador to Wisconsin, it’s part of our job

September 21, 2007

While I work at First Weber Group and have for a long time, I sure don’t know all there is to know about about the ins and outs of Relocation.  I have seen the impressive list of corporate clients First Weber works with, I know we do enough business in Relocation to have quite a large department. I was happy to learn that recently our Relocation Department has been re-certified with the RELO Quality Certification, a national recognition – the only real estate broker in Milwaukee and one of just a few in the state to receive that. They know what they are doing and are good at it.

I do not know what it is like to be a transferree or what it feels like to drive these transferrees across the city and show them the sights and various housing styles, explain the area’s major attractions, major employers, the many communities.    I would imagine that would be pretty stressful for the incoming transferee, yet probably pretty exciting too.  New job, new home, new start.  For the Realtor, it is an intense few days, concentrating on the transferee’s needs while they are in town , yet still attending to daily business duties.

Relocation brings talent & new businesses to Wisconsin. (That’s all good.) Real Estate agents who specialize in relocation act as part tour guide, real estate agent, ambassador to the state of Wisconsin, counselor.  (We’re good at it, but, hey, it is just part of our job.)

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