10 ways to drive buyers away

September 24, 2007

The following article hits the nail on the head – so I will just link for the first part of this post. 

Top 10 Ways to Make Home Buyers Hate Your House

It rings true to me – I remember looking at houses a few years ago.  One was very interesting and tempting, had a great big yard but it had a "dog room".  Stinky.  We didn’t buy it.  The dogs were gone for the showing, thankfully. There’s probably nothing more distracting than being barked at by the home’s canine owners as you take a tour.
To attract the most buyers, be clean, clean, clean and in good repair. 
Obvious.   But, you do only need one buyer, one who may see a bigger picture.  I am a good example of a buyer who found the perfect home for herself, even though the houses definitely were not perfect – they were perfect for me so I bought them anyway. Once I fell in love it was all over.
– Even though the front door wouldn’t open on the condo, I bought it and was happy. (why didn’t the seller fix it? They were lucky I was interested enough to come back a second time! I can’t image how many people walked away and never looked back.)
– And even though the next house I bought had a wreck of a swimming pool in the back yard, I bought it and am happy. (The pool is now gone… and when I sell, I won’t be turning off people who don’t want a pool.)
So, do your best to attract the most. But in the end, you just need one buyer

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