Insight into the economy – real estate is an important factor and still a good long term investment

October 18, 2007

I don’t think a lot of people ever thought how important real estate is to the nation’s economy until things started to slow down.  Now the talk is the rage.  But real estate IS cyclical.  Things will come around again. And during tough  times comes opportunity too.  Here is an Excellent overview of the economic situation we are facing.

An except from the linked article by Lawrence Yun, Vice President, NAR Research states: "Those investing in a home and keeping it for a typical holding period of six to ten years will likely see their investment pay off; those homes will have been a good investment."

You always hear that about investments – think long term. A home is an investment.  The prices are low for investors right now… so snap up a good buy while they are out there. 

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