Wisconsin taxes are high- what can citizens & REALTORS do about it?

November 13, 2007

There is a new group called The Wisconsin Way whose goal is to start a "public conversation about lowering property taxes and ensuring excellence in public service."  This group is the brainchild of the Wiscosnin Counties Association, the Wisconsin Education Association Council, Wisconsin REALTORS Association, Wisconsin Transportation Builders Association and Wood Communications Group. 

This sounds like an very ambitious project – but one well worth pursuing.  And The Wisconsin Way needs help. It was not meant to operate in a vacuum – but involve Wisconsin tax payers and invite opinions, discussion and ideas through a series of public meetings.  See a schedule of their website here and please attend one near you. Together we can make Wisconsin better than ever. 

For further information about The Wisconsin Way and their public forums please visit their web site, call 800-919-3012 or email [email protected]


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