How up to date are real estate listings?

May 16, 2008

Just looking at the blogs statistics and April was a really great month for traffic! Over 3500 unique visitors. Some people type in to reach us and some find us when they are conducting a web search on say, google.

A few people found our blog when they searched for “how up to date are realty listings?”  Well, we can’t speak for every sitebut I can tell you about

Our listings and participating co-broke listings are downloaded from 5 Multiple Listing Services at least once daily.  Our offices work throughout the day to update our own considerable amount of listings and First Weber listings are updated in real time.  We rely on the Multiple Listing Services for the data that populates our site for cooperating broker listings.  The MLS has rules that agents need to follow and fines if they don’t.  So, the answer is a nutshell is listings at are updated daily, based on MLS information.

Information on other sites, especially ones based on print advertising, can become outdated very quickly.  In these situations, information is entered into an ad publishing system which creates the magazine/ad and the same information is put on a website for 30 days or so.  That means the info is 30 days old.  When possible, go to a local real estate source for the most accurate information.


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