Probably the best time to buy a house in 10 years is now

June 10, 2008

Ideas and commentary on this RIS media article.

The last 5 years home prices had been run up and demand was high. The recent market turn corrected these prices and the next 5 years will likely be rebound years to decent appreciation. Plus, right now selection is great. Prices are right.

Mortgage rates are low. They will not stay this low forever. Talk to your lender and REALTOR to get going now. Perhaps your home will sell for less than it would have 5 years ago, but you can also get lots more for your money in the new home too. If you need to move up to a bigger home, you can get more home, more affordably NOW. If you have the luxury of not having to sell your current home, jump in and be happy with the timing of your purchase.

Real estate is always cyclical. Prices will rise.

Are you ready to go?

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