99% of Milwaukee, WI households are NOT in foreclosure.

July 25, 2008

Traditional media such as newspapers and TV are supposed to inform.  Most media outlets seem to only report bad news, or at least there seems to be more bad news than good.  When the opportunity comes to put a positive spin on a bad fact, the media just doesn’t do it.  So we are left to try and do it ourselves and hope we make a point with readers who are online and looking at real estate.

What we are talking about is the screaming headlines about foreclosures up 79%, 121%, 89% etc. etc. etc. While it is the sad truth, screaming disaster like that is not helping the housing market get any better. Why not look at those numbers a different way like foreclosures in Wisconsin amount to only 1.017% of households?! Or 99% of households are NOT in foreclosure. That is the truth too.  (Milwaukee, per RealtyTrac.com) Encouraging people to buy homes at historically low rates and at lower prices would help the housing market.

Only 1% of households in Milwaukee are in foreclosure.  99% are not.  Don’t be afraid if you are thinking of jumping into the market.  Get a good REALTOR and a good Loan Officer, buy within your means, stay put for a few years, pay your bills like any responsible person would and be one of the 99%.

Ready when you are!

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