Wisconsinites like it here

2007 U.S. Census data reveals 75% of Wisconsin’s current population (U.S. born) was born in Wisconsin.  That ranks Wisconsin 7th nationally for the percentage of population that live in the state they were born.  Once a Wisconsinite, always a Wisconsinite? I am one of them!  My family is here – I can’t see ever leaving for good.  Of course we travel, but always come home.

From the Journal Sentinel article on the census report:

"I think people in Wisconsin are very down to earth and friendly," said Debra Usinger, the fourth generation of her family working at Usinger’s Famous Sausage in Milwaukee. "There’s a lot of common sense here. I love the change of seasons. The more snow the better, even though people like to complain about the weather. People feel such an identity and sense of place in Wisconsin. Why leave?"

So if you are considering moving to Wisconsin, these stats are encouraging. We like it here and you may too. Read the whole article here.

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