Pewaukee, Wisconsin gets top honors in affordability

February 20, 2009

WOW! This is a great article for anyone who lives in, or is considering buying a house in, the city of Pewaukee!  The city of Pewaukee was rated Best Affordable suburb in the U.S. by Business Week.  The Village of Pewaukee came in closely behind the city.

Factors included were school, crime, affordable housing.  Also included were commute time, distance to large cities. All those factors can be found by reading the complete article.

As of today, there are 82 City of Pewaukee single family homes for sale at  They range from $139,900 to $2.4 million. In the Village of Pewaukee, 32 single family homes are for sale. They range in price from$ 154,900-$844,000.  Take a search here if living in the most affordable suburb in the U.S. sounds good to you!

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