Data? And how can First Weber serve you well.

July 9, 2009

When you use a Wisconsin real estate website, don’t you expect all the market?    First Weber includes "do it yourself" MLS listings as well as those on 5 MLS systems covering almost the whole state of Wisconsin – because we ARE Wisconsin real estate.  Does the REALTOR you use to find Wisconsin real estate have all the data?

The last time I bought real estate, the REALTOR did not have all the data. I was shown only their in-house listings. It was a hasty decision – and real estate is usually not meant to be hasty.  I made a mistake, not about the purchase, but how I went about it.  You can believe me or not, but it is the truth. (disclosure, I obviously am affiliated with First Weber, but I did not use First Weber for this purchase which I reference)

First Weber wants a good customer and client experience. We provide all the available data. We want you to say good things about us.   What do you want from your real estate company and if we did a great job – please let us know by leaving a comment.  If we can improve, please let us know too.

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