Milwaukee’s World Class Water Institute – another feather in Milwaukee’s cap

There’s an interesting article about Milwaukee, Wisconsin becoming a world leader in freshwater research in the July issue of My Midwest (the in-flight magazine for Midwest Airlines.) I am not sure many of us that live in Wisconsin or Milwaukee even knew there was a Great Lakes Water Institute at UW Milwaukee that the article calls "the largest academic freshwater research facility on the Great Lakes and one of the nation’s leading centers for freshwater research."  The article also calls the Water Institute " a relatively known gem", so if you didn’t know it existed, don’t feel bad. 

If you are thinking of moving to the Milwaukee area, take a few minutes to read about Milwaukee, their Water Institute and the future on this "Great Place on a Great Lake"  Here’s the article.  Let us know if you fly in on Midwest Airlines – or any other airline for that matter – and need a tour of Milwaukee.

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