Survey shows… changes in attitude in regards to moving/relocation

Some welcome news regarding the reasons people are moving comes from . found a dramatic shift when comparing a March 2009 survey with a June 2009 survey.

In June 2009, 50% of people who recently moved did so for "normal" moving reasons like wanting a better home for their needs, be closer to friends and family or desire for a better neighborhood.  Moving because of school, job loss, foreclosure or retirement was came in with 3% or less.  

In contrast, the March 2009 survey 41% of people surveyed said the recession had a moderate to strong influence on their decision to move. 

It is encouraging to see these changes in consumer attitudes.  We hope such positives continue to benefit the Wisconsin real estate market!  Read more on the article here.  

If YOU were surveyed, what would YOUR answer be?

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