Welcome to First Weber, Coldwell Banker Schwab of Oshkosh!

First Weber Group expands into Oshkosh,Wisconsin real estate market in a big way!  We welcome Coldwell Banker Schwab, the largest real estate firm in Oshkosh with dominant market share and 40 agents to our Wisconsin real estate team.  Dennis and Gail Schwab have been in real estate for over 30 years and have the kind of reputation any company would be happy to welcome – we certainly look for that when expansion opportunities come along.    This was a real good match for both companies.

Seems the news is spreading in Oshkosh quickly!  We’ve already seen newspaper articles in the local paper and tweets by the Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce among others. Amazing how news travels on twitter!  You can follow First Weber on twitter here.

Coldwell Banker Schwab had an interest in providing good technology for buyers and sellers.  First Weber provides just  that with our Front Runner multi-media marketing for every listing, (great video here, if you have not seen it already) and our numerous inhouse technology systems that provides anything from market share reports to websites to advertising and mailing materials.

Signs are being changed over, the website is being worked on, the many listings will be moved over, the many agents added to our rosters, technology systems and the like.  Soon the Front Runner smart signs with texting, multi-media and call capture plus all the other Front Runner features will be available on Schwabs property listings.   We are striving for a hassle-free transition to welcome our new Oshkosh connection in the best way possible. 

Now, all that transition is not complete yet by any means – the cat got out of the bag a little early.  But it is full speed ahead in getting First Weber’s newest office running at full First Weber capacity.  WELCOME, we’re thrilled!

If there’s anyone in Oshkosh  – seller, agent or resident -who has a question about First Weber Group – read our blog, make a comment, ask a question!

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