Ditch the roommate – buy a home!

Spread the word to those who can benefit from the first time home buyer tax credit! Thanks to the Wisconsin REALTORS Association for creating the videos!

The first time home buyer tax credit has done well in many markets in Wisconsin.  There is talk of an extension, however, the WRA is not anticipating any announcement until later in the year. 

You’ve heard it many times before. It is a great time to get into a home with the low prices, low interest rates and the tax credit.  For those buyers who may be willing and able but perhaps skittish about the economy and their job, First Weber also offers a Job Loss Protection program.  Write an offer to purchase with First Weber and we can request in the offer that coverage be provided for you, by the the home seller. The home seller then decides to accept the offer, counter, negotiate etc. 

Think about it! Start searching for that first home or condo here!  We’ve got a lot of them!

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