Large block of snow is empty canvas for Wisconsin’s First Weber Realtors

Wisconsin Rapids Office Builds Snow Sculpture for Fundraiser

The Wisconsin Rapids office participated in the 5th Annual Snow Sculpture on Saturday, a First Weber Group Foundation-sponsored event benefiting the South Wood County Humane Society.

Real estate snow-artists Keith Wilkes, Nate Weidman, Sherrie Hahn, Mike Spranger, Dawn Spranger and Brian Slinkman joined forces to build one of 15 sculptures in the event. Keith Wilkes organized this activity for the Rapids office, as he is involved with the Humane Society.

Looks like it was fun!  I’ve seen ice scultpures before but never a block of snow that big.  Some snow sculpture participants probably struggled with "what should I carve?"  The gang here sculpted what they know – houses.

Good job to the Wisconsin Rapids office and the First Weber Foundation. This goes to show you can certainly have fun while doing a good deed.

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