Is it better to buy new construction or an existing home? What do you think?

It depends on the buyer, really.  There are certainly many existing Wisconsin homes for sale at great prices now.  There are also good deals on new construction.  Typically, it will cost more to purchase and customize a new home, says this Wisconsin State Journal article in which First Weber agent Charlie Wills is quoted. If you are OK with doing a little redecorating or remodeling (in some cases) to customize a home to your needs, then existing homes can be a good choice. If you want to be involved in all the many selections that go into a new home, then new construction may be for you. 

Obviously, new homes are new and that fact appeals to some buyers.  Existing homes often offer mature landscaping, established neighborhoods which can also be appealing.    There are advantages to both.

Which type of home do you prefer more?  People are pretty passionate about this preference and we’d like to hear your thoughts.

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