First quarter home sales in Wausau WI are brisk

April 9, 2010

Single family home sales in the Wausau area are better than 13.5% ahead of last years home sales.

Sales in the first three months of 2010 are 227 units compared with 200 homes sold in the same time period of 2009 and 221 homes sold in 2008.

The average sale price in 2010 is $141,582 compared to $131,558 in 2009.

The market has been helped by low interest rates and the housing stimulus tax credit.  The interest of buyers is much higher than in the previous years.  The attached chart shows a comparison of home sales each year from 2004 to the present.

PDF version bar_chart_of_sales_Jan.March_2010_Wausau1.pdf

THANKS to Ron Zahrt for providing this Wausau, Wisconsin real estate data.

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