Location is still king – so why not search by map?

Location, Location, Location.  That is the feature home buyers are least likely to compromise on according the NAR’s 2009 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers.    Distance from schools, the quality of schools, quality of the neighborhood and distance from friends or family were features were too important to compromise on for most home buyers surveyed.

And while home condition and appearance are so very important these days, price and size of the home were the features most buyers compromised on, followed by condition/appearance.

Seriously consider location when buying a home.  Have the vision to know a home’s appearance can be changed to suit your tastes, but location can’t.

Since location is so important, it would be nice to search via a map since some Wisconsin cities are so large, right? First Weber offers MapIt at firstweber.com.  It allows you to zero in on streets, neighborhoods, show schools.  We have an upgrade in the works but First Weber’s Mapping search fit in so well with the Location theme, we had to make sure you knew you could do that right now at firstweber.com. We’ll ask you to try out the new version when it is ready and hope you give us feedback.

As always, First Weber is all across Wisconsin and here to help you buy or sell Wisconsin real estate. Thanks for reading the First Weber blog.


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