New Neighbors helping new neighbors… A good day for this real estate agent.

Some stories you just need to share…I’ll never forget the morning I got a phone call from an out- of-town couple that was standing outside one of my listings, wanting to know if it was possible to view the condo immediately. Llittle did they know I was wrapped in a towel with sopping wet hair and plans for the day that did not include this little loop. As I rushed to dress and meet them within 30 minutes, I looked at the clear blue sky and marveled at one of those simply gorgeous Wisconsin Days that are so rare…They forever became my “Sunshine Couple.”

Looking for condos as a summer home, they had a specific budget and very great taste. They wanted a turn-key condo, in a great area and they really did their homework. They scouted areas before viewing, narrowed their choices and knew exactly what they wanted. It made my work as their Realtor so much easier. The Dream Team Sunshine Couple narrowed their choice to one complex, and the day I was to meet them I giggled as I pulled out for the appointment- Beautiful clear sky…Great karma for the day.

We found the perfect place for them, and received an accepted offer within 48 hours. Several thousand under asking and a very massive headboard left by the sellers. I asked the Listing agent to remove the headboard…but as my Buyers moved in, this had not been done.

As my husband and I made plans to help them out with their substantial headboard problem…it occurred to me that my girlfriend right down the street was having a charity yard sale for a young girl whose kidneys are shutting down due to a rare blood disorder. I made the phone call, but sadly the headboard didn’t not survive to the yard sale. It was too big and too hard to move. As my “Sunshine Couple” thanked me for helping them remove the pieces of the headboard, they handed me a donation for the young girl in need. A new neighbor helping a new neighbor. I’ve never been so proud to present new buyers to our community…and it makes me humble that they were so generous.

Thank You, Sunshine Buyers, for just being the great people you are.  And my Yard Sale girl, your young friend is in our prayers and anything I can do to help I will. Great day for me as a Realtor…and I’m so proud to welcome an amazing family to our community.



Article written by Dawn Olander, First Weber Group Metro South Office

I have lived in Greendale for the last 16 years, having left Southern California for a more affordable and family friendly environment. I’ll never forget the wonderful surprises that welcomed me to Greendale, the friendly waves and the genuine interest. I have forged lifetime friendships and can’t think of a better place to hang my hat.


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