Dane County real estate median sale price year over year, month by month

August 3, 2010

Year to date, the median sale price for residential properties in Dane County was just behind last year’s and home sales are up: 2,990 properties have sold in 2010 versus just 2,407 in 2009. 

In the month of June, 2010 805 properties were sold versus 711 last June.

The median sale price for a single family property in Dane County was $227,000 compared to last June’s $215,000. 

For condominiums, the median sale price was down to $143,800 from last June’s median price of $153,000, however, the number of condos sales is up – the highest it has been since 2007 with 198 condos sales in Dane County during June, 2010. 


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