Back to School money saving tips

August 23, 2010

– Buckle down: If you are on a tight budget buy only what you need and hold off on the "wants".

– Don’t wait for the last minute or you may not find what you need/pay top dollar. You don’t want to run all over town just to find pink pearl erasers that everyone is out of!

– Watch the sales. Compare prices. It often pays to shop more than one store and may be worth your time.

– Try eBay or resale shops to clothe those growing kids.

– Plan ahead for dinner now and save money later.  Families with kids know how busy life is around dinner (or any time!) When you cook, cook a lot and freeze it to save time cooking another day. Having prepared meals in the freezer also saves hitting the fast food restaurants too often.

– Go green and save some of it.  Make your own snacks, juices and lunches and send them in reusable containers. A little bit of prep on your part can save you substantial dollars and help the environment too.

We hope you found this information helpful. There must me many other tips that parents could share with others that helped them save time or money around school time. Please feel free to share your ideas with us by making a comment.  Good luck with the new school year and thanks for reading the First Weber Wisconsin real estate & Wisconsin living blog.

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