Fall home maintenance tips for Wisconsin homeowners

September 14, 2010

Ahh, fall in Wisconsin! It is a beautiful time of year and it is also a good time to begin preparing for the winter months which lie ahead. This time of year can be hard on your home and with a little preparation you can avoid costly problems during inclement weather. First Weber’s Concierge Desk has prepared a checklist of items for your review that should be considered in order to prepare for the shorter, darker and cooler days ahead. Use this as a beginning guideline for your Wisconsin Winter preparation plans.

Air handling systems:

Furnace tune up & air filter replacement

Duct cleaning

Prepare AC for winter, cover.

Fireplace & Chimney:

Have an inspection & cleaning before the first fire of the season

Ckeck airflow & flue operation

Water systems:

Water heater check up including a "drain down"

Turn off and drain outside hose bibs, drain and store hoses

Repair any leaky faucets


Have a qualified professional inspect your roof for damage and proper ventilation

Clean gutters and downspouts

Check siding and windows for loose caulking

Paint as needed


Check windows and doors for proper weatherstripping

Check attic and walls for any insulation needs

Desks, Patios and yards:

Have deck or patio powerwashed

Prune shrubs and trees

Winterize the lawn

"Water-in" trees to provide moisture for the winter

Rake leaves before the snow falls to prevent a mess in spring

Check snowblower


Replace smoke alarm batteries and test unit

Install carbon monoxide detector near the furnace and fireplace

Review outdoor lighting – entrances and walkways should be well lit

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Should you require assistance with any of these items the First Weber Concierge Desk can help arrange a professional service provider to ease the burden. Please visit First Weber’s Concierge Desk here at firstweber.com Have you ever used our Concierge Desk? If not, please give it a try.

Enjoy Wisconsin’s beautiful fall weather!  Save some time to attend some of Wisconsin’s fun fall events and thank you for stopping by the First Weber Wisconsin real estate and Wisconsin living blog.

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