RELOCATION Rx: Your Prescription for a Great Transfer to Milwaukee

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Wow! What a stressful time! No matter who you are; how large of a family you have; or from where you are moving, the news of an impending transfer is quite a shock to the everyday system! As agents, we really want to become your lifeline in the transfer to a new home. For most agents, that line of communication continues way beyond the closing table, and it should! We are, many times, your first sense of Milwaukee.

Okay…. So the papers are signed; the keys are in your hands; and the boxes are unpacked! Are you going to bloom where you are planted? Milwaukee is one of the easiest cities to jump right into! For the most part, people are positive, warm and welcoming. Not used to people talking to you in line at the grocery store? It will happen! Don’t know those people waving to you on the street? It’s okay… it is probably a 50 degree March day, and they are giddy with joy!

Here are ten ways to get yourself started in your new Milwaukee life!

1. Join some type of group that interests you…. Book Club, MOM’s Group, Pottery, Museum Classes, municipal recreation classes or yoga. Or better yet, start your own club!

2. Go out to dinner at least once per month (get babysitter ideas from your real estate agent). Try to pick a different cuisine every time. We have such amazing restaurants that you need to branch out! My new favorite is a tapas restaurant in the Third Ward: La Marenda! YUM!

3. Find a concert to attend every few months! Milwaukee attracts very diverse musical styles, and the venues are always very fun!

4. Be sure to attend a Farmer’s Market in a community of your choice.

5. Take the time to appreciate Lake Michigan! Paddle boat at the lagoon in Veteran’s Park, go for a run or walk on the lakefront or have a wonderful lunch at Alterra on the lakefront.

6. If you are a golfer, check out as many different courses as you can. In the Metro Milwaukee area, there are so many amazing courses that are in beautiful condition.

7. Shopping! Yes, no Nordstroms… but there are so many boutique stores for women: Goldies, The Next Door, ME Lou to name a few!

8. See a movie at the Oriental Theater!! It is a thing of beauty!!

9. Experience the lakes in the Lake Country Area. Pewaukee Lake has a beautiful sandy beach with great restaurants overlooking the lake.

10. Most important!! Have frozen custard at Kopps!!

Please respond if you have other ideas that have helped you with your move!

Written by Relocation Specialist Mary Deeken, North Shore Office

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