Madison, WI… The BEST there is?

October 26, 2010


Is it just me, or is America obsessed with grading and rating nearly everything offered in life?

The Guinness Book of World Records, People Magazine and others have added to a cottage industry that has risen significantly in popularity in recent years.   Serious think tank operations, self-proclaimed experts and magazine publishers are coming out with lists all the time about the best, the biggest, the most respected, the wealthiest and more.  

They also like to rate American cities, and below are just a few of the 54 rating accolades given to my hometown, Madison, Wisconsin since 2006:

“Safest City in America for Kids” – Men’s Health, August 2010

Madison 2nd Best City for College Grads” – The Daily, May 2010

“Top Ten Most Innovative Cities” – Forbes, May 2010

Madison Rated #7 Most Bike-Friendly City in America” – Bicycling Magazine, April 2010

America’s Best Adventure Towns” – National Geographic, October 2009

“#2 in Top 100 Best Places to Raise a Family” – Today Show, October 2009

 And my personal favorite….”The Top Ten Places to Buy a Home” – ABC News, August 2009

Sure, Madisonians are proud of their city – the State’s Capital, world class University of Wisconsin-Madison, major medical facilities, growing bio-tech industry, low unemployment rate, wonderful parks, bike trails, nearby scenic Wisconsin countryside, active arts/music scene, farmer’s markets, major college sports, beautiful lakes, revitalized Downtown, etc.   What isn’t there to be proud of?  

 Do we have problems?   Of course we do, but for the most part in Madison problems are faced head-on, offered plenty of public discourse (some would say, “too much public discourse”). Decisions are reached and solutions are put in place.  Some solutions work, and some don’t work out so well.

It’s nice when others notice us, but most of us don’t need to be reminded that we have a good thing going here in Madison, WI.  

Written by Dan Lee, Vice President/Owner First Weber Group

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