A little history on Milwaukee regarding money and taverns…

No matter how much or how little you know about Milwaukee, we hope you’ll learn something new here with a Milwaukee Trivia series from First Weber’s North Shore Office, written by Dana Witkowski.

What was the nickname of the area around 35th and National because taverns were flooded with coins on payday?

Silver and Brass

Answer: Silver City

In the early 1900’s, Milwaukee Valley workers used a tunnel located near Pierce Street to walk to and from work.  Valley workers were known to patronize the many shops and taverns that were located around this area and between 35th St. and National Ave. At the end of each week, valley workers were paid their wages in silver dollars.  They would then walk the tunnel to a local tavern and spend their wages.

Thanks to the Layton Boulevard West Neighborhoods Inc., a non-profit organization, soon this tunnel will be renovated and reopened to provide access to abundant employment and recreational activities in the valley allowing the Silver City neighborhood to walk to Miller Park, or take their families on a bike ride to the Hank Aaron trail.

For more information about the Silver City Neighborhood and the Layton Boulevard West Neighborhoods Inc. check out their site at http://www.lbwn.org/index.html

Congratulations to Ron’s Realtors for another outstanding win !!

Article written by Dana Witkowski in our North Shore office

That was then, what’s happening there now?

Here’s what we found interesting about the neighborhood by visting Dana’s link above:

  • There is a block of Frank Llyod Wright designed homes in the 2700 black of Burnham Street.
  • Mitchell Park Domes are at the west side of the neighborhood.  The Domes are a great attraction to check out on a visit to Milwaukee
  • The Layton Boulevard West Neighborhood became one of the Milwaukee’s first five Healthy Neighborhoods, an initiative which was established by the Greater Milwaukee Foundation. Their goals are to increase property value & homeownership, support economic vitality, improve neghborhood quality of life, serve as a model for other urban neighborhoods.

To see what’s for sale in this neighborhood search by map for properties for sale on firstweber.com and drill down to this area!  Thanks for reading the First Weber Wisconsin real estate blog to  learn a little bit about Milwaukee, then and now.

Photo credit http://www.flickr.com/photos/marquette/1186635555/

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