10 tips for a thinner, but still delicious Thanksgiving meal

November 22, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Getting together with family and friends, cooking and eating favorite holiday foods – it’s what Thanksgiving is all about and we hope you have a wonderful holiday!  But, did you know all that food can add up to 3,500 calories?  Yes, we know it is just one time a year but there are ways to cut back and still enjoy the bountiful feast. If you are interested, read on for 10 tips to enjoy all your favorites but maintain control.

1. Eat breakfast so you don’t overeat at the main meal. (saves 550 calories)

2. Start with soup to fill you up. (saves 250 calories)

3. Use chicken broth in the stuffing instead of butter and add lots of vegetables. (saves 250 calories)

4. Alternate your alcohol with soda/seltzer (saves 500 calories)

5. Use a tablespoon to serve yourself rather than a ladle. (saves 800 calories)

6. Don’t eat the skin but don’t worry about the meat. There’s little difference in calories between dark and white meat. (saves 300 calories)

7. De-fat the gravy: use fat free or a gravy separator. (saves 200 calories)

8. Skip the crust on the pie. (saves 200 calories)

9. Choose a simple potato rather than a souped-up casserole with sugar and fat. (saves 250 calories)

10. Take a walk after eating rather than a nap. (saves 200 calories)

For more details on each tip, please see the original article here.

Enjoy a wonderful meal and a wonderful holiday! Happy Thanksgiving from First Weber Group Realtors.

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