A decade in housing: Most top 25 metro sales prices up. Milwaukee, WI in top 10 best housing markets of the decade.

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We tend to forget or focus on the more recent years of the real estate market, but looking at real estate prices since January, 2000 in the top 25 metro areas, prices are up.  Forbes reported that based on Radar Logic research, the top 25 metro markets tracked in the U.S. had an average annual gain of 4.3% in the value of one square foot of housing over the last decade.  

Not only that, Milwaukee, Wisconsin was in the top 10 Best Housing Markets of the decade.

Forbes also reports on how real estate performed compared to the stock market:

The growth in average U.S. housing values looks pretty impressive compared with that of other assets, especially stocks. The S&P 500 is lower now than it was in January 2000. So is the Nasdaq. Even factoring in inflation, which ran between 2.5% and 3.5% for most of the decade, a home purchase really did produce wealth for anybody who opted to sell some stocks and buy at around the time the dot-com crash got rolling.

Certainly real estate gains were larger in the beginning half of the decade. Those who bought real estate in the second half of the decade will need to wait a little longer to see an increase in value.  The time is ripe to purchase highly affordable housing at low interest rates.  Real estate has been a good long term investment and if First Weber Group can help you with your Wisconsin real estate needs, we are ready, willing and able. Contact First Weber.

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