New Carbon Monoxide detector law in Wisconsin effective February 2011


There’s a new law going into effect February 1, 2011 that all Wisconsin property owners should be aware of: Carbon monoxide detectors will be required on all levels (including basement, excluding attics) of one and two family homes in Wisconsin.  There’s no fine for not complying, just like with smoke detectors, but we hope you’ll do the safe thing and install the detectors if you have not already done so. 

The law is already in effect for multi-family homes in Wisconsin. For Wisconsin new construction homes the alarms will have to be hardwired into the home’s system. Existing Wisconsin properties may use battery operated units. We’ve written about carbon monoxide detectors for Wisconsin properties before because it is important information to know.  In one previous First Weber blog article, a reader shared his thoughts on using a plug-in unit with battery back up.  Here’s one such model.  That’s a good idea. Here you can find additional information on the law from the Wisconsin Realtors Association.

Thank you for reading the First Weber Wisconsin real estate blog for information on the Wisconsin carbon monoxide law coming into effect February 1, 2011. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer. If you think this post would be useful to others, please share.

photo credit First Weber does not recommend a brand of detector. Information for illustrative purposes only.

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