Some houses just speak to you…

January 17, 2011

I have always had a deep sense of appreciation for anything that invokes a feeling of nostalgia for me. It can be something as simple as a stack of handwritten recipe cards lovingly bound by whatever was handy at the time or an old button with worn dull edges from years of use. I’m always known to stop at linen and textile tables at any estate sale and dig through to find that one prize that has been overlooked…that handmade scrap that most would look at say " What do you do with that?" The feeling you get when you recycle to today’s use. The home I saw today is exactly that- a soulful place that needs some perfect person to look beyond the worn edges with appreciation and call it home.

The property is located in Whitefish Bay on Wilshire Road, and is listed by a fellow First Weber Agent. As you pull down the historic street located off Lake Drive, you can’t help but feel you’re driving into a world gone by. Situated on a quiet corner stands a wonderful two story, with a shake roof built by a true craftsman. The front door welcomes you, with its crisp white molding and subliminal smile beckoning you to enter. The windows are unique in themselves while the weathered front reminds you of that old East Coast community that your great grandparents lived in centuries ago. ( Mine anyway)

As you walk through the home, you’re overtaken by the detail and the love that went into the materials that were moved here from the east coast. The vintage wallpaper, the portico and the molding. The charming Tole chandelier hanging from the four season room and the richness of the fireplace in the master bedroom. The hand spun rail that beckons you to the upstairs and the simplistic office space of a formal library that drives you to pull up a chair and light a cigar even though you don’t smoke. The floors that need attention with square nails and lovingly protected for a few to enjoy. The home makes you want for a place we can never revisit, a day gone by and something more than ourselves. However- for one lucky Buyer….they can have exactly that.

I know in my heart, whoever purchases this amazingly unique property will emotionally connect on the same level that I did….and all common sense for the new and shiny won’t mean that much, like the worn edges of a fully serviceable button.

 Article written by Dawn Olander, First Weber Group North Shore Office. Originally posted on Dawn Olander’s Real Estate Dame blog.

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