First Weber Foundation and Never Forgotten Honor Flight 2011

Never Forgotten Honor Flight is the newest Honor Flight Hub in Wisconsin.  Last year, the organization arranged 2 flights and transported 205 WWII Veterans to Washington D.C. to allow them to personally see the Memorial built in their honor, other war memorials and Arlington National Cemetery. 

Over 65 years ago, 1.6 million Americans served in the War that ultimately preserved our way of life, and the freedoms we enjoy today as well as other democracies around the world.  Unfortunately, 400,000 did not return home. 

The Honor flight program is working to express appreciation to those that did come home.  Once every WWII Veteran has had an opportunity to participate, Veterans of subsequent Wars will be given the same opportunity.

NFHF is committed to four flights in 2011.  First Weber Group Foundation and agents of the First Weber Group are pleased to be a part of this effort.  Since becoming involved in the Honor Flight, I am often asked about the Honor Flight program.

This website can best explain the program and provide opportunities to volunteer, as well as show comments from those which have participated in the flights. Follow this link: .

 Local Television stations have created special programs with footage from each of the previous flights. The most recent can be watched at:

Participating as a flight “Guardian” was an extremely rewarding experience and one I would highly recommend.  Having the opportunity to be with such a modest group, while knowing the importance of what they had done so long ago, was a day I’ll never forget.

On August 27th, 2011 First Weber Group will hold the second “Bike for Honor Flight” fundraiser based in Wisconsin Rapids.  We invite bicyclists of all skill levels to join us for rides of just a few miles up to 100 miles.  Interested parties can email [email protected] to get further information and updates on the Bike Ride.

Mike Spranger, Vice President, First Weber Group Wisconsin Rapids office

What a great cause!  Here is an article from the First Annual First Weber Foundation Bike for Honor Flight which, along with matching funds, raised over $16,000.  That was enough to send 32 WWII veterans on the flight.

Thank you for reading the First Weber Wisconsin real estate blog about the Never Forgotten Honor Flight and the First Weber Foundation "Bike for Honor Flight" fundraiser.


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