Why did you buy your first house?

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Why did you buy your first house?

Was it because you wanted to make a profit when you sold? Probably not -You weren’t thinking about selling – not for a long time. You may have been looking to pay INTO something rather than pay out rent. Maybe you were looking for something that felt like YOURS, not just a place you lived at. Maybe you wanted to OWN something, a piece of property in the location of your choice, in a better neighborhood with more privacy. Maybe it was just a goal you wanted to acheive – an accomplishment.  Have a yard, plant flowers, play basketball in the driveway with friends, maybe raise a family.

Owning a home is a lot more than an investment or a means to an end of making money when you sell it – that’s usually just a happy byproduct. People buy because of the way it makes them feel to own a home and to have freedom and control in their lives. To settle down. To be proud to be a homeowner.  And it IS something to be proud of. You had to plan, save your money, show you are responsible, choose wisely and make the commitment to the property until the time comes to move on.

A recent study has shown that homeownership makes a difference far beyond the monetary expenditure and benefits. Homeownership matters. It creates a difference in people’s lives.  Would you agree?

Are you proud to be a homeowner? 

We think you should be. You saved your money, dreamed of what you wanted, acheived it. Even if your house is small, needs work or is not your dream house, you still did it.  If you know someone who could benefit from your homeowning experience, please tell them what is was like for you buying your first house.  And hopefully, that was a good experience which will inspire another to do the same.

Buying a home is not a simple thing and most of us do it just few times in our lives.  It can be a scary journey, especially when it is your first time buying a home.  It helps a lot to find a Realtor you trust – maybe one a friend recommended or an agent that you met who you really connected with.  Trust is important and there are a lot of Realtors to choose from.

First Weber real estate agents guide people through the homebuying process each day. If you need to find a trusted Wisconsin real estate advisor, ask your friends and/or find a First Weber Wisconsin real estate agent at firstweber.com.

Thank you for reading the First Weber Wisconsin real estate & Wisconsin living blog for some reasons people buy homes – it is not just about money!

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