A post for agents… Change is good.

Time for Change

How many times have you heard the adage “change is good”?   Think about all the recent talk about how our industry is changing, and hopefully you’ll agree.  We have new technologies at our fingertips, new forms on the horizon, new business models down the street, markets expanding around us, new regional and national brokers, MLS, Wirex, Smart Phones, changes…change, change, change!

So, is change really good?  I’d have to say positively, YES!  In my all years in Real Estate, one thing is clear to me – no one adapts to change better than Realtors®.  Many of you, like me, were going through changes when you entered this business.  Whether you were looking for a new career, or a fresh start, you embraced the changes necessary to become successful, and stay successful.

But as much as things are changing, many things remain the same.  Remember what worked for you when you were new to the business, and get back to the basics if you need a boost:

  • Open houses, showings, buyer counseling, and meeting new people at every opportunity really do work! 

  • Don’t be a “secret agent”; let everyone you meet know you are proud to be a Realtor®.

  • Work with each other to foster a cooperative spirit in your marketplace and office.

  • Take advantage of the wonderful educational opportunities offered by First Weber Group attend one of the many training classes offered by First Weber.

  • Watch a Webinar or attend one of Roxanne Platz’s technology classes and learn to blend good ideas with the new technologies.

  • Attend Realtor® and Government Day and network with our lawmakers. Get involved with your local Board.

  • Sit down with your Manager and find out what is and is not working.  Top agents leave clues to their success – find out what they are.

Until next time, happy selling!

Roger C. Rushman, Executive Vice President, General Sales Manager, First Weber Group’s Lake Country Office

photo credit http://www.flickr.com/photos/spursfan_ace/2328879637/

Thank you for reading the First Weber Wisconsin real estate & Wisconsin living blog.  Typically, this blog is public focused – providing just what the blog’s title is: info on the Wisconsin real estate market and info about living in Wisconsin.  This one post is focused on our agents who have a difficult market to contend with, as many of you know personally from having your home on the market now.  The days of putting a sign in the yard and putting a property into the Multiple Listing service are gone.  Agents must dig deep for solutions and positive energy.  Here’s to Roger Rushman, one of our Executive Vice Presidents, for giving our agents the encouragement they need to keep up the good work and thet their job – helping you move on – done.  If you like what you’ve read and may want to consider a career selling real estate, please check out First Weber’s career center.

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