What’s found for your home’s address in an online search?

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More information than ever can be found online – you may be surprised to see what you find if you google your address (or look it up on trulia.com or zillow which pull public record information on homes that are not currently up for sale.)  

1. Google your address to detect scammers trying to rent out your house – it has happened to some of our sellers.  Typically, these types of scammers take property data they found online and post a fake ad and place a cheap price asking buyers or renters to wire a deposit. If you find your home has been scammed like this, contact the site you found the listing on and report abuse.

2. Search for your address in Google or Trulia to see what public information is being displayed about your house.  If data is incorrect, contact your local public records office. When you google your address at either of these sites, homes for sale near your address may come up as well which gives you some information on the market in your neighborhood. If your home is listed for sale and you find something that is incorrect, please let your First Weber listing agent know.  It is difficult to control the display of data on sites other than firstweber.com, which we, of course, control.

3. Search google maps Street View for your address to check out your neighborhood on google maps – most home buyers will be doing the same. Hopefully, the googlecar did not drive by your house on garbage day.  While google street view is pretty cool (and a little creepy) there is no way to correct a outdated view until google drives by again.

4. Find out what homes have sold for near your address. This is a different type of search than just inputting your address into a search engine search bar. FirstWeber.com offers a sold property search that allows you to search around your address to see what has sold in your choice of time frame. MLS rules require a free registration for a MyFirstWeber account in order to view data in areas other than South Central Wisconsin and the Metro Milwaukee area. 


Try out these searches and see what you find out about your house.  We hope you found this post interesting and useful. Thanks for stopping by the First Weber Wisconsin real estate & Wisconsin living blog for information on what can be found for your address in an online search.

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