How to make small spaces appear bigger

August 30, 2011


Have a small condo, apartment or cozy house and want to make it appear a bit bigger? Here are some tips from Zillow on how to achieve a bigger look.


1. Choose light colored paint. Matching paint on walls and ceilings make a room feel bigger.

2. Use furniture sparingly. If you have a small room, it does not mean you should furnish it with a lot of small furniture. Zillow suggests choosing one larger focal point piece, possibly placed on a diagonal, and limiting the amount of other furniture in the room. Often, when selling a home, agents recommend removing some of the furniture in a room to make it appear larger. Many of us have lived in our homes for many years. We accumulate things and don’t notice the clutter.  A buyer will upon walk-through.

3. Mirrors.  While you probably don’t want a wall of mirrors, a large mirror in a room relects light and can make a room feel bigger by appearing to be an extra window.

4. Lights. Dark rooms tend to look smaller. Brighten up those corners and consider floor lamps rather than table top lamps which take up more room.

5. Show restraint.  Limit the number of items displayed on walls or tabletops in a small space.  As with furniture, choose a few items to be a focal point rather than clutter the space or walls with lots of little things.


If your home is for sale, decluttering and depersonalizing is a must. Put away the collections, the stash of magazines, the personal photographs covering the walls and pack them away. It will help you get ready to move and help present your property in a way that makes it easier for a buyer to see themselves living in your home. Simply put, less is more.


Thanks for reading the Wisconsin real estate & Wisconsin living blog for tips on how to make a small space appear bigger.  If your space is still too small after trying some of these ideas, now is a great time to be a move up buyer.  Your money can buy a lot of house with today’s very low interest rates.  See thousands of homes for sale in Wisconsin at

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