How to cut home heating costs as we head into Wisconsin’s cooler months.

September 27, 2011

the attic stairs I hate

It’s not just about insulation or a high efficiency furnace, though those certainly do help.  According to the Department of Energy in a CNNMoney article, just sealing drafts can save anywhere from 3%-18% on your heating bills. That’s worth taking a look at as we enter Wisconsin’s heating season.


1. Weatherstripping: If you can slide a piece of paper between your door and its frame, you have heat escaping and need to take a look at closing that gap with weatherstripping.

2. If you have pull  down attic stairs, the article mentions a product called the attic tent to help keep heat from escaping into the attic.

3. Cover the AC with an insulated cover to prevent air from entering the home.


The article has more information on these three points and some others if you want to check it out. Have you broken down and turned your heat on yet?

Thanks for reading the First Weber Wisconsin real estate & Wisconsin living blog about small changes to the home that can save big on heating costs.  Energy efficiency is an attractive feature in a home.  If you are selling your home, take the time to look at these small fixes to present your home in its best light as we head into Wisconsin’s fall and winter. If you need further tips to sell your home, please see more on the Selling category on the First Weber blog.

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