Wausau, WI tops in US credit scores. 3 other WI cities included in top 10

October 18, 2011

Bad Credit History?

National analysis by credit bureau Experian rated Wausau, WI as the top rated city for best credit score. The report says the average credit score for Wausau residents is 789 compared to the national average of 749. Here’s Wisconsin’s top 10 rankings and average credit scores:

1. Wausau 789

3. Madison  785

6. Green Bay  780

10. LaCrosse 777


“Areas of the country that didn’t go crazy during the boom are probably still reaping the benefits in terms of their credit scores,” says Gerri Detweiler, personal finance expert for credit.com


This is Wausau’s first year it was included in the survey which requires a certain population. Enough people moved to Wausau to enable it to be included. For some thoughts on life in Wausau, WI, please see Ron Zahrt’s community feature post on Wausau.

Having a good score can make your life a little easier when buying a home or other large purchase where a loan is needed.  It is possible to take steps to improve your credit score and we recommend reading this article to learn 7 tips for improving your credit.


Congrats, Wausau, Madison, Green Bay and LaCrosse for being in the top 10 cities with best credit score list. That’s something to be proud of.

Milwaukee also made the list at #33 with an average credit score of 765.  The National Average for credit scores is 749.


Thanks for reading the First Weber Wisconsin real estate & Wisconsin living blog about Wisconsin cities that made the best credit score list and also some tips for improving your credit.  If your credit is good and buying a home in Wisconsin is on your list of things to accpmplish, head on over to firstweber.com to see what is available.

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