Wisconsin real estate sales up 17.7% in September

October 20, 2011


Wisconsin real estate

Wisconsin home sales were up substantially over a slow September last year. Median home prices fell a mere 1.5% when you compare prices in September 2010 to September 2011. That price drop when you compare month to month is the smallest decline this year.  Combined with the increase in sales, we hope this is a trend that will continue, and continue to improve.

All Regions of Wisconsin improve September home sales

All regions of Wisconsin experienced increased sales with Northeast and South Central Wisconsin increasing by over 20%.  Southeast Wisconsin rose 17.4% and Central 11.8%. The Northwoods area of Wisconsin has led the rest of the state for the first half of the year had sales up by the smallest amount: 5.1%

In a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article, Wisconsin Realtors Association President, Mike Theo, said regarding the small drop in prices September to September “This is welcome news, although we shouldn’t put too much emphasis on just one month’s data.” “If we see a continuation of this pattern for several months in a row, then we might be able to conclude that prices are near the bottom,” Theo said.

Statewide snap shot            9/2010       9/2011     % change

New Listings                         9330            7344           -21.3%

Closed Sales                         4072           4794            17.7%

Median Sales Price                137,000      134,900       -1.5%

By Region             Sales 9/2010     Sales 9/2011    % change

Southeast  WI                     1393           1636                 +17.4%

South Central  WI                 719             888                  +23.5%

Northeast WI                        687             849                  +23.6%

Central WI                            279             312                  +11.8%

Northwoods WI                     533             560                   +5.1%

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