Winter, your house and insurance

November 14, 2011

Snow on the pumpkins

Winter has already made its presence known in Wisconsin, too soon for many of us. Make sure that you take a look around your home to button it up for winter. Some suggestions include:

– Drain outside hoses and turn off water sources that are not necessary in winter.

– Caulk windows and check weatherstripping to prevent heat loss

– Clean the gutters so melting snow has a clear drainage path

– Buy a roof rake to clear the edges of your roof of heavy snow and prevent ice dams.   Do not climb on your roof to clear off snow.

– Check the snowblower

– Be prepared. It’s time to put a snow scraper/brush in your vehicle if you haven’t already!

Wisconsin Insurance Commissioner, Ted Nickel, also suggests evaluating your home and auto insurance.  Your home insurance should cover damage from storms, trees and even someone slipping and falling on an icy sidewalk on your property. We all know winter driving can be treacherous and accidents can happen. Review your insurance policies to protect your family, your finances as they would relate to a car accident, and your major asset, your home.

 If buying a new home in Wisconsin is on your list, maybe one with a smaller driveway and less to blow/shovel, please visit  Or maybe think about buying a condo where there’s no shoveling at all… Enjoy the last of fall!  

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