Is is still a buyer’s market? In Wisconsin, yes. But things are changing across the country


Here in Wisconsin, housing did not experience the huge run up in real estate prices in the early 2000’s and also did not experience the tumultuous fall in prices that other states like Florida and Nevada did. Trends come slower to Wisconsin – even the cutting-edge fashion trends you see in the style magazines take a while to get here. (Sometimes that is good, right?) And while real estate is local, it is exciting to take a look at some real estate agent comments on this facebook thread led by Chris Smith of InmanNext, a social media and real estate tech resource.

Chris Smith facebook thread

He states “It is a buyer’s market” and gets a reaction out of many agents across the county. Some agreeing that it certainly is and has been for a long time like these replies:


“Hummm, and when hasn’t it been??”


But others respond to his statement with comments like:

“NO Inventory and multiple offers on every decent house. ”

“Seller’s market here in Boston, too!!! Very low inventory and multiple listings/under contract in 1-2 days!”

“Starting to feel like a sellers market down here in So Fla”

“It’s all local here in The DC metro area. The good ones go fast, and the “leftovers” get stale.”

“Since I just tonight put a house under contract in multiple offers because inventory is so low, I’d say NOT!”

“Maybe in your market it is. Not in az.”

“Not in Michigan! Multiple offers on reo and private sales!”


Phoenix newspaper article

And while not Wisconsin again, Phoenix was one of the United States’ hardest hit markets and this article is talking about bidding wars and rising home values.



Light at the end of the tunnel?

Now, don’t get all excited and start thinking this is the real estate market in Wisconsin, because it is not… YET!

We would not have even written this post based on one article about one improving market way across the country. The point of the post is to emphasize that things appear to be changing in NUMEROUS places across the county. While not Wisconsin yet, this is good news for all of us. It will make it to Wisconsin. And after years of discouraging news, it is nice for all of us – consumers, agents and brokers – to have some encouraging news to read about and anticipate coming to Wisconsin in the future.


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