Around the Home: Dining room, furniture and squeaky floors

April 3, 2012


Formal dining rooms… Does your home have a formal dining room that you never use for dining? You’re probably not alone.  Here are some decorating ideas to transform an unused formal dining room into a game room, office and more!


Furniture arranging  Is your home’s furniture arranged around the TV or do you try and create a space geared more toward conversations and entertaining? If you’d like to get away from the TV focus, here are a whole bunch of ideas on how to switch up your furniture placement a bit.  Nice tips for getting ready for a party or just on furniture placement in general.


When selling your home, little things count.  The cleanliness of your home, counterspace, neat closets, attractive front door and even annoyances like sticky doors and creaky floors.  Fix/prepare all these prior to putting your home on the market so you really impress buyers when they come in – not give them something to eliminate your home because of.  And it has happened… the buyer cringed thinking about stepping into the creaky-floored bedroom every night and did not buy that condo because it bothered her so much. Things like that should be fixed prior to selling and here are some tips on how.


Some people have a talent for arranging and decorating and some don’t. We hope you find these quick posts useful around the house and thank you for reading the First Weber Wisconsin real estate  and Wisconsin living blog. To view Wisconsin real estate for sale or find a real estate agent in Wisconsin, please see To see additional home tips, please see our Around the House category.

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