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September 24, 2012

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Pricing homes correctly from the start has been a topic of late – the newer inventory is moving if it’s priced right.  For an interesting look at what happens when sellers choose the higher price against an agent’s advice, check out Adam Holberg’s “Are you ready for the aftermath of overpricing your home?” post on his blog.

There are serious side effects to overpricing a house when selling – always have been. But with a large inventory of homes for sale and the buyer’s market we’re in, a home that does not come to market ready to go may sit for a long, long time and sell for far less than it was originally listed at. Check out Adam’s post to read about “Everyone wants what everyone wants, and nobody wants what nobody wants.”

Talk to your listing agent if your home is not selling.  The price you ask is under your control. So is the condition. Make your house the one everyone wants by pricing right and staging.  Ask your agent about absorption rates in your community – how many homes are there for sale in your price range and how long it is expected that those will take to sell based on the rate of sales in your area. It is all about supply and demand.

Check out data on sold property in Wisconsin at to see what properties are really selling for.  If you’re looking for sold data in South Central Wisconsin or Metro Milwaukee Wisconsin, all you have to do is search For other areas of the state, MLS rules require this data to be behind a log in – set up a free MyFirstWeber account to view sold property data in Wisconsin – it is free and easy.


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