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December 10, 2012

GingerBread House

Is a new home in your future for 2013? Take a look at valuable feature on that lets you see data on SOLD properties. What did that house down the street sell for? How much is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house in (insert Wisconsin city here) going for?  The ability to search for and view sold data on Wisconsin properties matching your criteria  is useful tool at We hope you take a look and explore Wisconsin real estate.

How do I find SOLD data for South Central and Southeastern Wisconsin real estate?

For South Central and Southeastern Wisconsin properties, users have the ability to conduct a “Sold search” with the criteria of their choice by selecting “Sold Listings” under’s Property Search menu . No log in is required for properties in the South Central Wisconsin MLS or the Metro Milwaukee MLS system.

What about real estate in other areas of Wisconsin?

Information on Sold properties for all other areas of Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan can be searched by registering for a free My First Weber account which offers sold data and more after log in. This is doe to MLS rules. Same great data, still free, just a quick registration is needed.


Whatever Wisconsin region you are looking in, First Weber Group is pleased to provide access to SOLD Wisconsin property data to help make your real estate decision making easier.


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Happy Holidays!

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