Spring is NOW for buyers, not April. List now. We are at a seven year low locally for listings.

If you are a home buyer who is currently searching, then you have probably noticed the small inventory of homes that are currently on the market. We are experiencing a bit of a listing shortage in some areas. That may be because homeowners are waiting until spring to put their home on the market.

Therein lies the problem –
the spring market is different for sellers and buyers.
Sellers tend to think spring is when the snow melts and at that point they will list.
Current homebuyers are thinking about closing on a home in spring so they are searching and writing offers now.
Sellers need to think the way buyers are thinking if they want to be out of their home before summer. If a buyer is pre-approved for financing, they know how long it will take them to close – typically 6-8 weeks after their offer is accepted. This is why they are looking now; they are planning to close during ideal moving weather well before the summer heat and humidity arrive, late-April to mid-May.

If sellers wait until all of the snow melts and the flowers are in bloom, you may not be putting your home on the market until mid-April, you would miss all of today’s homebuyers, and the earliest closing you would see is sometime in June.
An added benefit to putting your home on the market at the end of winter is that inventory levels are low. If you list now, there is an even higher likelihood that a buyer is going to take a look at your home.

I believe that any time of year is a good time to put a home on the market – buyers are always searching for a home to purchase. If you are a seller, please do not wait. You may have stiff competition if we see a surge in listings once the snow melts.


Here are some current facts: In the $150K-$250K range in Hartford, out of 80 total listings, 42 of them are active and 38 of them are under contract. That’s almost half!


In the $250K-$350K range in Germantown, out of 15 total listings, 7 are active and 8 are under contract. WOW! If you are planning on selling your home, you live in Germantown, and you think your home is in that price bracket, you need to contact me today to list ASAP.


Sellers, the spring market is now! If you have any comments, I’d like to hear them. Whether you are a buyer or seller, and you are interested in a personal real estate consultation, please contact me. My website is AdrienneKilley.FirstWeber.com. And don’t forget to subscribe to my blog at KettleMoraineRealEstateBlog.Wordpress.com. Please allow me to help you navigate the kettles and hills of real estate.

Adrienne Killey, REALTOR(R)

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