Metro Milwaukee real estate sales up 20th straight month.


What a great market for Milwaukee area real estate sales. Metro MLS reports that February, 2013 marks the 20th month in a row that home sales increased over the previous year. That is a solid comeback.  

Listings are down over 15% which makes competition stiffer and this can drive prices increases.  

Buyers: Be prepared. You may need to move quickly. Get preapproved. Write your best offer.

Sellers: Be prepared.  Review your pricing, staging and have an open mind.

Milwaukee County home sales

February 2013: 493 vs January 2012: 407. A 16.4% increase.


Waukesha County home sales

February 2013: 227 vs January 2012: 222. A 2.3% increase.


Ozaukee County home sales

February 2013: 64 vs January 2012: 42. A 52.4% increase.


Washington County home sales

February 2013: 95 vs January 2012: 68. A 39% increase.


 Racine County home sales

February 2013: 126 vs January 2012: 124. A 1.6% increase.

It is time to get your home on the market. Buyers are out now.  One of our agents did a great post: for buyers, spring is RIGHT NOW.  See real estate for sale all over Wisconsin at  Now could be the best time to list and maybe move up.  Interest rates remain great.

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