What is Buyer Agency?

June 20, 2013

Buyer Agency is a contract that you, as a buyer, sign with a real estate agent that basically states that the agent is going to be your exclusive go-to agent for your property search. Without the Buyer Agency, the agent you are touring homes with cannot give you opinions or advice when it comes to writing an offer and negotiations because the agent is working for the seller, not for you.


A Buyer Agent works for you.

The Buyer Agency changes your status from the agent’s customer to the agent’s client which then allows the agent to give you opinions or advice on the purchase strategy of the property because the agent is now working for YOU instead of the seller’s best interest. This extra layer of service, most times, will not cost you a cent as a buyer. Most times, the seller will pay the agent’s commission regardless whether a Buyer Agency is in place or not.

It is all about you.

So why wouldn’t you want to have a dedicated real estate agent working for YOU and YOUR best interest in YOUR home search? It is all about YOU! The only thing that is typically asked of you by your agent is that you exclude all other agents. With the signing of the Buyer Agency contract, you are agreeing to work exclusively with that agent.

Homes are selling quickly. Work with an agent who understands what you want.



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