First Weber Foundation reaches million dollar milestone

The First Weber Group Foundation surpasses $1,000,000 in giving to Wisconsin charities.

James Imhoff, Chairman and CEO of First Weber Group, holds a strong belief.

“Business must be committed to the community.”

Since its inception in 2006, the First Weber Group Foundation has been giving back and supporting Wisconsin communities to an astonishing degree.

This fall, the First Weber Group Foundation surpassed the million-dollar mark for funds donated to non-profit and charity endeavors throughout the state – funds which have come entirely from First Weber Group, its employees, its sales associates, and from other donors participating in the Foundation.

“That million dollars was raised by all of our people giving back to the communities,” says Mary Grunow, director of the First Weber Group Foundation and a driving force behind the coordination of funds.  “Everyone at First Weber is committed to this endeavor.”

Since we are “The human side of real estate,” it’s only fitting First Weber Group give back to the communities that have been so integral to their success.  With over 80 percent of First Weber Group agents and employees participating, the fundraising starts with agents and office staff donating something from each commission or pay check.  But the altruistic efforts go far beyond that; Imhoff, Grunow and an eight-person board of directors, work to direct fundraising ventures and match dollars donated.

The mission of the Foundation is centered on the idea of creating a stronger commitment to the communities where First Weber agents and employees call home.

“The idea of giving back was really to leverage our whole organization to help communities,” says Imhoff.

The plan to leverage the whole organization has worked, from fun-filled bowling fundraisers to hundreds of Thanksgiving meals cooked and distributed by First Weber Group agents and employees.  The philanthropic efforts have created a synergy within the organization that not only benefits the community; it also breeds a collaborative and fruitful work environment.  Throw in a bit of healthy competition to gain the spot of top fundraising office in the state and let the donations snowball.

The First Weber Group Foundation is an ardent supporter of Habitat for Humanity, having donated two homes in the past few years and supported Habitat work in other venues.

Some other Wisconsin charities benefiting substantially from the First Weber Group Foundation are Second Harvest, The Never Forgotten Honor Flight, Wounded Warriors Project, and the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.

But the Foundation has given to almost 400 charities since inception.

The Foundation rules for giving are simple.  Focus is on housing and shelter, like Habitat, Porchlight, Milwaukee Rescue Mission, Homeless Assistance Leadership Organization, and Homes for our Troops or to charities where there is a strong involvement of First Weber owners, agents, and staff.

“Nobody else in the State of Wisconsin real estate can say ‘we’re giving back to the community’ like we are,” says Grunow.

As Imhoff and Grunow watch the Foundation grow and look to the future, they see nothing but forward motion, continued success, and endless milestones worth celebrating.


“We just look forward to the future, because there’s no limitation to how big we can get and the amazing difference we can make.”


For further information please contact:


James R. Imhoff, Jr.

Chairman/CEO First Weber Group


[email protected]


Mary Grunow

First Weber Group Foundation Director


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