Homes listed with a Realtor sell for higher price than FSBOs

November 11, 2013

Allow us to provide you with our professional services to help you move on, move up, move out and reach your real estate goals. Studies show that homes sold using a Realtor sell for a higher price. That and having the hassle, negotiation, marketing and legalities handled by your Realtor while you go about your business… well worth it.

Less FSBOS, even with internet

Real estate has changed dramatically since the internet came about, with much property info available on sites such as  Yet, studies also show that people are using Realtors more, not less.  The information on a house is now readily available and just the very tip of the iceberg in terms of a real estate transaction.  It is our job to interpret data and guide you through a complicated series of deadlines and events that lead to a home sale.

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