Identity protection tips, Home inventory tips

December 3, 2013

Identity Theft

Identity theft is a growing crime in America and can do much damage to your credit as well as take much effort on your part to undo the damage.


Here are some quick tips to follow to protect your identity:

  • Always check your bills and bank statements for unauthorized charges
  • Check your browser security settings and make sure they are not too low
  • Be sure to have a virus protection program installed on your devices
  • Opt-out of preapproved credit card offers by calling 888-567-8688 or visit
  • SHRED anything with personal financial info on it
  • Never give out your personal information via phone or internet unless YOU initiated the contact
  • Make your passwords strong – a mix of letters, numbers and symbols.

Home Inventory

If disaster strikes, how can you recover your possessions through an insurance company? A home inventory is the answer. It can be anything from a spreadsheet with pictures or one made with an app.   It is suggested you go room by room to organize your inventory.

Here are some apps for iphones


And for android

According to Lifehacker, here is their list of the 5 best home inventory tools.


We at First Weber hope you’ll take the identity theft protection steps above.  And we also hope you never need your home inventory. The problem is, you’ll never know. As the saying goes, “Better to be safe than sorry.”


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