Year end Metro Milwaukee real estate update

January 13, 2014

What a few years it has been. We ended 2013 with stable, strong sales.

To show the recovery over the last 3 years, let’s take a look at those year end sales numbers.

Metro MLS residential home sales as a whole:

2011 home sales 12,888

2012 home sales 16,064

2013 home sales 17,631

We finished almost 10% over last year.


Milwaukee County

2011 home  sales 7,360

2012 home sales 8,887

2013 home sales 9,591

Milwaukee County  finished almost 8% over last year.


Waukesha County

2011 home sales 3,603

2012 home  sales 4,693

2013 home sales 5,124

Waukesha County  finished 9% over last year.


Ozaukee County

2011 home sales 863

2012 home sales 1076

2013 home sales 1,197

Ozaukee County finished 11% over last year.


Washington County

2011 home sales 1,062

2012 home sales 1,405

2013 home sales 1,719

Washington County finished 22% over last year.


Racine County

2011 home sales 1,777

2012 home sales 2,016

2013 home sales 2,236

Washington County finished almost 11% over last year.

 Quoting the Greater Milwaukee Association of Realtors: “ The market is proving to be very ‘balanced,’ in contrast to the wild swings we saw over the last decade. Sellers should not assume they will get whatever they ask for, and buyers should know the days of deep discounts are gone; a REALTORS® guidance will help both parties purchase or sell a property for a fair price.”


Balanced is good! Interest rates remain good, but they are predicted to continue to rise.

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